The default configurations are a good starting point for most users:

  • Product-Led Growth (PLG)
    Slow and steady wins the race — prioritze stability, trust, and customer feedback.
  • 5-Level and 2-Dimensional Automated Action Priority
    Impact, effort and ticket details will automatically determine priority.
  • 2-week Increments (Sprints or Cycles)
    Plan up to 8 days of work per person.
  • Demo-Oriented Goals
    Work towards an optional short presentation at a show & tell event on the last day.
  • 50/30/20

Toggle between product-led, marketing-led, sales-led, and engineering-led growth. Increase or decrease increment length. Change goals to velocity-oriented or adjust 20% time. There are many ways to customize CodeTrackr to the needs and desires of your team.